Professor Miroslav Vukić, MD, PhD

President of the Organizing Committee
President of the Croatian Neurosurgical Society

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

On behalf of the Managing Board of the Croatian Neurosurgical Society as well as of the Organizing Committee, I have the honor and pleasure of inviting you to the 9th Congress of the Croatian Neurosurgical Society and Joint Meeting with the Czech Neurosurgical Society and Collaborative Meeting with German Society of Neurosurgery and a very special pre-congress Symposium on Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus in collaboration with the Japan Neurosurgical Society and Medical School of the University of Zagreb. This exceptional gathering will take place in Petrcane near Zadar on the Croatian Adriatic coast, from the 12th to the 15th October 2023.

From its inception almost a quarter of a century ago, the Congress of the Croatian Neurosurgical Society has outgrown its’ initial scope of a national neurosurgical specialists’ meeting to grow to a regional melting pot of exchange of knowledge, experience and up-to-date management strategies in the different fields of the noble art of neurosurgery. We will once again bring together prominent Croatian and European neurosurgeons, as well as distinguished guests and speakers from all over the world to provide the attendants a spectacular environment for professional formation and social interaction.

The 9th Congress promises to be the most attended yet, since its integrative part is a Joint Meeting with the Czech Neurosurgical Society as well as a special Collaborative Meeting with members of the German Society of Neurosurgery. Also, we proudly co-organize a spectacular Pre-Congress Symposium with eminent guests from the Japan Neurosurgical Society.

We invite you to take an active part in the scientific program of this remarkable Congress and share your valuable experiences with colleagues.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Petrčane this October!


Professor Martin Sameš, MD, PhD

President of the Czech Neurosurgical Society,
Czech Medical Association
Dear friends, dear colleagues,

it is a great honor to invite you to the 9th Congress of the Croatian Neurosurgical Society and Joint Meting with the Czech Neurosurgical Society and  Collaborative Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery. The idea of meeting three companies is a new creative format. We hope for closer mutual contacts and more detailed knowledge of sophisticated projects and goals in our countries in a more intimate environment. It is actually the first close official contact between Czech and Croatian societies. This connection has its own logic, our countries have shared interests since the Middle Ages, in the time of the monarchy and also in times of national revival. The joint meeting is further strengthened and crowned by the participation of advanced German and Japanese societies.

We look forward to this meeting, new friendships and insighs to improve the care of our patients.

We invite you to contribute to scientific program in Petrčane 2023!


Professor Martin Smrčka, MD, PhD

Past president of the Czech Neurosurgical Society
Czech Medical Association, JEP

Dear colleagues and friends!

It is a privilege and a pleasure to do neurosurgery. But it is equally exciting to share knowledge and experiences from your own practice with colleagues and friends. I would like to thank Professor Vukic for this wonderful idea of organizing the Croatian-Czech Neurosurgical Congress with participation of German Society of Neurosurgery.

A generation of us, like the people who organize this event, is very lucky. Thanks to EANS, the Training Committee and specially designated people, there is a whole friendship in all of us throughout Europe. I would like to see this event attended by many young generations of neurosurgeons, perhaps not just from the three organizing societies, who will share their knowledge, thoughts and ideas and establish a new partnership or even friendship. And this is good for us, this is good for neurosurgery and ultimately good for our patients.

Croatia is a beautiful place to start the tradition of this congress model. It has everything we need.

I welcome you and wish you an unforgettable stay in Petrcane 2023.


Hotel Pinija

Petrčane, Croatia